PlumTree is an employee's engagement program providing companies a unique corporate gifting solution to engage with employees and promote connectedness. Our custom gift boxes encourage a tight-knit environment that acknowledges employees’ personal and professional realities.

Our Story

After a decade of working in the corporate world and challenged to find balance between personal and working life, we created Noobie Box in 2015: a parent-to-be essentials box. In addition to building a community of 450K new parents, Noobie Box quickly found its way into the corporate world. It became a new pathway for companies to acknowledge their parents-to-be, to support them with baby essentials, and company information. Noobie Box was acquired in 2021, giving us the opportunity to create a new path to deepen and grow our relationships with our trusted and new corporate clients.

The changes in social environment are making employees question the balance between their professional and personal lives, and their work expectations. It makes recruiting and retaining talent more challenging for companies. With PlumTree, we offer companies a program that helps them to build a new type of relationship with their employees.

More than ever, it is time to form new ties.
More than ever, it is time for employees to feel seen, heard and recognized.
Charlotte Torris & Renske Gosselink - Founders PlumTree