Jeannelle Teves on leadership and employees well-being

Jeannelle Teves on leadership and employees well-being

In a few sentences, could you introduce yourself and describe your domain of expertise?

I am the General Manager of Bugaboo North America. Simply put, I lead a talented team on a mission to empower parents and new parents to be.

Can you tell more about what your company does to improve employees' well-being? 

I am really proud of the fact that our leadership team is comprised of working mothers. I think that we each approach our work with a level of empathy, resourcefulness and efficiency which trickles across the entire organization. In the last year, we have made formal and informal changes to improve employees’ wellbeing – and specifically, the wellbeing of the parents. We offer flexible working hours and half day Fridays year round. I encourage our teammates to be there for the kindergarten plays and volunteer work, when possible. But more than that, I try and approach every teammate as an individual, not a role.

In your experience, what are the main challenges employees are struggling with in today’s work environment?

The first that comes to mind is the balance with our personal lives with return to work. Whether you are fully in-office, virtual or hybrid, people are still figuring out how to create work culture after a long time in our homes.

Along your career, have you seen changes in the way employees' well being is handled?

Yes and whether they are negative or positive changes, it usually comes from the top. If leadership prioritizes culture and well being then those beliefs permeate the company. You can see it from the company policies that are invested into, to how people behave in meetings.

Are there other best practices you have heard of to promote employees' well-being?

I think the ultimate best practice is treating your team with the same way you hope to be treated. This doesn’t mean you can’t be firm when things go wrong or you feel disappointed, but with every situation I try and put myself in the other persons shoes – how can we solve this challenge together? How can we be better?
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