How to make Employee Appreciation Day count in 2023

How to make Employee Appreciation Day count in 2023

Are you ready for Employee Appreciation Day?

National Employee Appreciation Day is an annual holiday celebrated on the first Friday of March. It’s a day all about showing gratitude for your employees. In 2023, the holiday will be celebrated on March 3.

The holiday was created in 1995 by Dr. Bob Nelson and his publishing company Workman Publishing. Nelson was a founding Recognition Professional International board member and author of the book 1001 Ways to Reward Employees. Though Employee Appreciation Day is not quite as old as Administrative Professionals Day or Bosses Day, it’s becoming observed by more companies as research continues to show the many benefits of recognition in the workplace.


Why does celebrating Employee Appreciation Day matter?

At PlumTree, we believe in appreciating your employees every day, so of course, we love the idea of doing something extra special on Employee Appreciation Day!

The main reason to mark this holiday is to demonstrate that you value each of your employees and their unique contributions. According to a report by McKinsey, 54% of employees leave their jobs because they do not feel valued by their company. Celebrating Employee Appreciation Day as part of your overall employee engagement strategy is an important way to demonstrate your care and commitment to the people behind your organization.  

Beyond showing how thankful you are for your team members, Employee Appreciation Day is also a chance to foster connection and a sense of belonging. Since the day celebrates everyone who works at your company, regardless of their role, it naturally brings people together around a shared moment.


Think about how your company and your managers communicate appreciation.

You might begin Employee Appreciation Day with a brief company-wide meeting to share a message of thanks for everyone’s hard work and celebrate accomplishments made in the past year. 

We also suggest an email communication to every employee from the company leadership thanking them for their work.

If you can engage team leaders throughout the organization, they can add an even more personal touch to the day by writing emails or handwritten notes to direct reports. Or, they could surprise their direct reports with LinkedIn recommendations highlighting their contributions.


Select a meaningful Employee Appreciation Day gift.

In addition to email, Employee Appreciation Day is the perfect opportunity for a thoughtful gift.

Since the gift should be the same for everyone, choose a reasonable but generous price point. We usually suggest around $60 per person for this occasion, allowing you to create a gift box containing 2–3 high-quality items. However, smaller organizations may be able to spend more. 

Next is the fun part—selecting gifts that will make your employees feel seen and valued. This occasion is less about your brand and more about the humans that power it, so while a nod to your logo is acceptable, it's best to choose items with your recipients in mind.

Here are a few of our favorite Employee Appreciation Day gift box options.


Celebrate them as a part of your workplace family . . .

This box features:

  • A pair of Eparé double-wall champagne flutes for a special toast
  • A set of two leather coasters


A day to unplug... 

This box ($60) features:

  • All-natural bath Salts - a custom blend of therapeutic salts and pure essential oils 
  • Postcards to send out to their colleagues to show their appreciation 
  • Pencils to self color the postcards 


Elevate their (work)day . . .


This box ($80) features:

  • A cold brew coffee maker to make a delicious batch of cold brew
  • Set of 2 double-walled glasses, insulating heat or cold
  • Organic lavender chocolate - unplug, unwrap, close your eyes, and break off a square

We can always help you customize your gift boxes to reflect your company’s needs!


Consider other things to make the day special.

If you really want to make it a memorable day, consider adding food, fun, or flexibility to the mix!

Onsite teams can enjoy a special breakfast, lunch, or coffee cart service, while you could consider using a delivery service for remote employees. If most of your team is onsite, you might consider offering a wellness experience like chair massages or a yoga class. 

And, of course, one of the things employees love most is flexibility. Could you offer a few hours of personal time or even end Employee Appreciation Day a little early? It does take place on a Friday, after all! There is something lovely about starting the weekend early and feeling ahead of the game. 


Need help planning your Employee Appreciation Day gifting? We offer several gift box options that can be customized to meet your needs and match your branding. Contact us today! 


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