Employee Holiday Gifts Your Team Will Love: Our 2023 Guide

Employee Holiday Gifts Your Team Will Love: Our 2023 Guide

Is your company skipping the lavish party and focusing on holiday gifts that fit your values, budget, and message?

While companies used to celebrate the December holiday season with huge in-person gatherings, many organizations are now rethinking how to mark the year-end with their teams. For remote and hybrid teams, in particular, giant parties don’t always feel like the right fit. Thankfully, there are plenty of other ways to celebrate and appreciate your employees!

The best thing about allocating more of your holiday budget to gift-giving than gathering is that carefully selected gifts leave lasting impressions. The best gifts stick around your employees’ homes, offices, reminding them they matter to you.

As employee gifting experts, the PlumTree team spends much of our time researching the best items for different occasions and organizations. It’s not just about choosing a gift; it's about choosing the right gift.

Here are three things we suggest thinking about when selecting the perfect holiday gift for your employees: 

1) Your organizational values

Every company has a unique personality and set of values. Gift-giving is an excellent chance to highlight those values, deepening your employees' connection to them. Whether you are committed to sustainability or all about creativity and innovation, holiday gifts can delight your team while nodding to your core purpose.

2) Your budget

Your budget will significantly impact the type of items you choose for holiday gifting. Once you determine the per-gift budget you can spend, a can help you make the best use of it. We recommend giving the same gift to all your team members or ensuring you spend the same amount across the board so everyone feels equally celebrated.

3) The message

Remember, gift-giving is more than an item to check off the to-do list. It's an opportunity to build stronger relationships with your employees. Choose things that you believe the majority of your team members will actually enjoy and use. And pair your thoughtfully wrapped gifts with a meaningful message of appreciation.

If you want to make things easy as pumpkin pie this holiday season, consider selecting from our collection of curated holiday gift boxes. We’ve created themed gifts designed to fit a range of organizational personalities and values, with options at several price points.

Gifts for Tech Lovers

Many industries attract tech-savvy contributors who embrace innovation. Cool gadgets may be the right holiday gifting move if your company uses a lot of cutting-edge tech. From high-ticket items like noise-canceling headphones to something more modestly priced like a wireless charging mat, tech-savvy employees will surely appreciate some new toys!

This season, we've built tech-focused gift boxes geared toward teams with different hobbies and lifestyles.

This one features a splash-proof travel speaker, cord wrap, and travel tech bag to make life simple for on-the-go employees. 

Meanwhile, this box is designed for outdoor adventures, featuring a LED carabiner flashlight with a bottle opener and binoculars. We pair the gadgets with a cozy, stylish beanie bearing your company’s branding to make the perfect box. 

These tech tools are helpful while still a bit of the ordinary, so they are sure to surprise and delight.

Gifts to Savor  

Gourmet gifts are a popular option, especially during the holidays. From high-end chocolates and olive oils to barware and garnishes for the perfect cocktails, these items can be enjoyed by your employees or used to help them entertain family and friends.

Consider including a lasting gift item along with consumable items so that the sentiment sticks around longer, reminding your team members of your appreciation for months and years to come. For example, this year's PlumTree holiday gift collection pairs artisan balsamic with a dressing mixer and olive oil with an apron.



Wellness Gifts

If you've prioritized employee wellness, you may want a holiday gift that helps your team enjoy a bit of pampering or put some extra style into their active lifestyle.

Candles, eye masks, luxury lotions, and bath salts are always popular and appreciated. But for our holiday collection, we wanted to inspire companies to offer their team members something extra special that would stand out.

Nearly everyone has some tension or aches, and a massage gun plus essential oil is a treat that can help them relax after a long day.



We love that this is a gift with a lot of utility. It's likely to become a significant part of the recipient's wellness routine!


Gifts to Help Your Team Go Green

Sustainability is a core commitment of an increasing number of companies. Your holiday gift is a fantastic chance to put your values into action, empowering your team members to go green with a thoughtful, sustainable gift.

A foldable tote is a stylish way to reduce disposable bag use. And because the tote folds so tiny, it’s easy to take anywhere. In this box, we’ve packaged a Notabag tote with a Stojo collapsible bottle to keep the recipient hydrated while keeping single-use plastic and disposable cups out of trash bins.



Gifts to Celebrate the Season

If you have a company culture that embraces fun, this idea is for you. Consider sending your holiday gifts on the early side, in late November or at the start of December, and including everything your team needs to get into a festive mood. Photo booth props, garlands, seasonal candles, and tableware are all great options.  

Far-flung teams can decorate their workspaces and feel a sense of togetherness on video calls all month. Then, they can bring items home to add to their own holiday décor collection. Of course, keep your team in mind and choose decorations and gifts that celebrate all holidays and promote unity!

We hope this post gives you a bit of inspiration as we approach the holiday season. Check out the complete 2023 collection here. If you have an idea not reflected in our collection, we're happy to help you build a custom box around a theme or item that will match your company's values, fit your budget, and delight your team.

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